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The following pages describe the the trainings provided by ZITADEL. These trainings are intended for onboarding and during the course of a Support Program.

Training should be held as block-sessions with the relevant staff from your organization.

Onboarding Project

You receive professional onboarding support from our engineers, who help you to setup and configure ZITADEL on your infrastructure.

Effort required during depends on the complexity of your infrastructure and the overall setup. With a Multi-Zone Setup (excl. Multi-Region). Typically support during this phase requires around 10-25h over 2 weeks. Actual effort is based on time and material.

Application Support Trainings

With the application support trainings we provide the initial knowledge transfer to manage and support ZITADEL. The trainings are held as block-sessions with relevant staff from your organization. Prices are flat-fee, excl. expenses.

Recurring Trainings

While you can benefit from a technical account manager during your term, these trainings are designed to onboard new staff or update staff about larger changes to the platform. Prices are flat-fee, excl. expenses.

In case you have any questions please get in touch.