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Most applications need to know the identity of a user allowing to securely store user data in the cloud and provide the same personalised experience across all of the user's devices.

ZITADEL's authentication provides backend services, easy-to-use SDKs, and ready-made UI libraries to authenticate users in your application. It supports authentication using passwords and applies additional security with the help of a second factor, for example OTP, to ensure a safe and secure access. It additionally leverages industry standards like OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect such that it can be easily integrated in your custom backend.

ZITADEL currently support two ways of using it:

  • Use the ZITADEL Cloud free tier to get started in minutes
  • Deploy a self-hosted ZITADEL, where ever you like

Help me choose

If you are unsure you should opt for the gracious free-tier of ZITADEL Cloud.

Chose ZITADEL Cloud if you want:

  • A turnkey solution that just works
  • Gracious Free tier with a great pay-as-you-go option
  • Global scalability without the headache of running
  • Data residency compliance for your customers

Chose ZITADEL Self-Hosted if you want:

  • Total control over all components and your data
  • Run ZITADEL in air gapped or regulated environemnts
  • Flexibilty when you deploy updates

Support is available either through the opensource community or a support contract

This guide provides a quick start on how to onboard to the ZITADEL Cloud Customer Portal, where you can manage your ZITADEL instances. Follow all the guides in the get to know section, to create your first instance, upgrade to a paid tier and connect your first client.

Try out ZITADEL Cloud

  1. Visit to create your account. If you already have a ZITADEL instance sign in with your Customer Portal user.
  2. Enter the data to create your organization (First name, Last name, Email, Username and Organization Name)
  3. By clicking "Let's go" we will create a user for you.
  4. You will receive an verification Email to verify the user for the Customer Portal
  5. Use the newly create user to login to the Custom Portal

Customer Portal Landing Page

Login to Customer Portal

Use your Customer Portal user to login to the ZITADEL Customer Portal. Here you can manage all your different instances, subscriptions and billing data.

  1. Go to
  2. Click sign in
  3. Use your ZITADEL Cloud user

Find out more about the Customer Portal here.

Create a new instance


This takes place in the ZITADEL Cloud Customer Portal

The creation and management of an instance takes place in the Customer Portal. To manage your existing instances you need login with your Customer Portal user. Be aware that this is not the same user as in the instance itself.

  1. Click New Instance

Login to your instance


This takes place in the your ZITADEL Cloud Instances Console

After you have initialized your first admin user of the newly created ZITADEL instance. You can access the instance's Console, to manage all of your resources. To login with the user you have initialized. You will find the link to access your instance in the initialization email of your user or in the detail page of your instance in the ZITADEL Cloud.

We generated a unique domain for each ZITADEL Cloud Instance that looks like this: {InstanceName}-{RandomString}

Customer Portal - Find Instance Domain: Customer Portal - Instance Domain

Console - Landing Page Console Landing Page

Manage Instance and Billing

Create first project and application

To be able to connect your first application you have to create a project and an application in the ZITADEL Console.application

  1. Click on the projects menu point
  2. Add new project by clicking the "+" Button and give a name
  3. Click the "+" Button in the project detail in the application section
  4. The wizard will help you through the creation process with the recommended values when choosing the application type More about applications

Now you are ready to integrate ZITADEL into your application. Check out our Examples to start with your app.

Elect New Managers


This takes place in the ZITADEL Console

ZITADEL allows you to give other users control over the ZITADEL Console. The manager role can be restricted to some kind of write and/or read. This is especially useful for direct administration over several users. You can have managers able to edit project settings and others able to create/add users only.

Note: ZITADEL Managers are located on the right side panel of the ZITADEL Console.