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What is a project?

The idea of projects is to have a vessel for all components who are closely related to each other. Multiple projects can exist within an organization.

Organization grant

All applications within a project share the same roles, grants, and authorizations:

  • Applications is your software that initiates the authorization flow. This could be a web app and a mobile app that share the same roles.
  • Roles are a means of managing user access rights for a project.
  • Authorizations define which users have which roles. Authorizations are also called “user grants”.
  • Granted Organizations can manage selected roles for your project on their own.

Organization grant

The goal of this module is to give you an overview, but not dive too deep into details around managing access rights and delegating management of roles to third parties. So let’s create a straightforward example project first.

Create a project

Visit https://{your_domain} or select “Projects” within your organization, then click the button to create a new project.

Empty Project

Enter the name “ My first project” and continue.

Let’s make this more interesting and add some basic roles and authorizations to your project and then confirm the scope of the roles and authorizations.

Jump to the section ROLES and create two new roles with the following values

  • Key: reader
  • Display Name: Reader
  • Group: user


  • Key: editor
  • Display Name: Editor
  • Group: user

Add New Roles

Now, you can add roles to your own user, or you can create a new user. To create a new user, go to Users and click “New”. Enter the required contact details and save by clicking “Create”.

Create new user

To grant users certain roles, you need to create authorizations. Go back to the project, and jump to the section AUTHORIZATIONS.

Verify your authorization

You can verify the role grant on the user. Select Users from the navigation menu and click on the user Coyote. Scroll down to the section AUTHORIZATION, there you should be able to verify that the user has the role ‘reader’ for your project ‘My first project’.

Organization grant

Now create another project (eg. “My second project”) and verify that there are no roles or authorizations on your second project.

What is a granted project?

Organization Grant

With ZITADEL you can grant selected roles within your project to an organization. The receiving organization can then create authorizations for their users on their own (self-service).

An example could be a service provider that offers a SaaS solution that has different permissions for employees working in Sales and Accounting. As soon as a new client purchases the service, the provider could grant the roles ‘sales’ and ‘accounting’ to that organization, allowing them to self-manage how they want to allocate the roles to their users.

The process of assigning certain roles by default or according to rules can be further automated by utilizing Service Users in the service provider’s business process.

Obviously, your organization can grant projects and receive projects. When you are granting, then the receiving organization will be displayed in the section GRANTED ORGANIZATIONS of your project.

Project granted to organization

A granted project, on the other hand, belongs to a third party, granting you some rights to manage certain roles of their project. ZITADEL Console shows granted projects in a dedicated navigation menu, to clearly separate from your organization’s projects.

Granted Projects Overview

Please note that you can also grant selected roles of a project to an individual user, instead of an organization. We will discuss this in more detail in a later section.

Grant a project

  1. Visit the project that you have created before, then in the section GRANTED ORGANIZATIONS click New.
  2. Enter the domain ‘’, search the organization and continue to the next step.
  3. Select some roles you would like to grant to the organization ACME and confirm.
  4. You should now see ACME-CAOS in the section GRANTED ORGANIZATIONS

Grant a project