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Choose your platform and run ZITADEL with the most minimal configuration possible. For an easy self-hosted production setup, we recommend running ZITADEL on Kubernetes, using our official Helm chart. By default, it runs a highly available ZITADEL instance along with a secure and highly available CockroachDB instance.


  • ZITADEL does not need many resources, 1 CPU and 512MB memory are more than enough. (With more CPU, the password hashing might be faster)
  • A cockroachDB or 🚧 Postgresql coming soon as only needed storage
  • If you want to front ZITADEL with a reverse proxy, web application firewall or content delivery network, make sure to support HTTP/2


The easiest way to use ZITADEL is to run one of our container releases

  • ZITADEL does provide latest and stable container images
  • stable is the current production release of ZITADEL.
  • latest is the last created release from our pipelines that gets updated on a high frequency.