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This page describes the options you have when writing ZITADEL actions scripts.


ZITADEL interpretes the scripts as JavaScript. Make sure your scripts are ECMAScript 5.1(+) compliant. Go to the goja GitHub page for detailed reference about the underlying library features and limitations.

Actions do not have access to any libraries yet. Also, sending HTTP requests is not supported yet. We plan to add such features in the future.


Each flow type supports its own set of:

  • Triggers
  • Readable information
  • Writable information

For reading and mutating state, the runtime executes the function that has the same name as the action. The function receives the JavaScript objects ctx and api.

The object ctx provides readable information as object properties and by callable functions. The object api provides mutable properties and state mutating functions.

The script of an action called doSomething should have a function called doSomething and look something like this:

function doSomething(ctx, api){
// read from ctx and manipulate with api

ZITADEL supports only the external authentication flow at the moment. More flows are coming soon.

External authentication flow triggers

  • Post authentication: A user has authenticated externally. ZITADEL retrieved and mapped the external information.
  • Pre creation: A user selected Register on the overview page after external authentication. ZITADEL did not create the user yet.
  • Post creation: A user selected Register on the overview page after external authentication. ZITADEL created the user.

External authentication flow context

  • ctx.accessToken string
    This can be an opaque token or a JWT
  • ctx.idToken string
  • ctx.getClaim(string) any
    Returns the requested claim
  • ctx.claimsJSON() object
    Returns the complete payload of the ctx.idToken

External authentication flow api

  • api.setFirstName(string)
  • api.setLastName(string)
  • api.setNickName(string)
  • api.setDisplayName(string)
  • api.setPreferredLanguage(string)
  • api.setGender(Gender)
  • api.setUsername(string)
    This function is only available for the pre creation trigger
  • api.setPreferredUsername(string)
    This function is only available for the post authentication trigger
  • api.setEmail(string)
  • api.setEmailVerified(bool)
  • api.setPhone(string)
  • api.setPhoneVerified(bool)
  • api.metadata array<Metadata>
    Push entries.
  • api.userGrants array<UserGrant>
    Push entries.
    This field is only available for the post creation trigger

External authentication flow types

  • Gender is a code number
  • UserGrant is a JavaScript object
ProjectID: string,
ProjectGrantID: string,
Roles: Array<string>,
  • Metadata is a JavaScript object with string values. The string values must be Base64 encoded

Further reading